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Welcome to Daisy Mae’s Gourmet, the “flavor for your life”. We prepare high-quality food using the finest ingredients, and locally sourced when possible. Our specialties include handcrafted extracts and flavorings, custom jams and jellies, and seasonings designed to elevate the taste of any dish.

Explore our product line and experience the best flavors of your life.


Jams & Jellies

Our jams and jellies are freshly made in small batches using locally grown fruits at the peak of their season. We delight in adding value to locally grown foods by canning them at their peak. Our products contain no preservatives and use only half the sugar of traditional recipes.

Smoked Sea Salt

Our gourmet sea salts are smoked over hickory wood for 60 hours using a proprietary method that imparts a deep, intense flavor that creates a harmony of brightness and darkness for this kitchen staple. Our smoked sea salt is perfect to sprinkle over cooked meats, cheeses, roasted vegetables, and salads.


Our gourmet extracts are made with the finest ingredients we can find. Extracts are aged for 3 months before bottling (vanilla is aged a minimum of 6 months).

Spirited Syrups

Our alcohol-based, simple syrups add complexity to everything from the kitchen to the bar.
Spirited Syrups
All 3 Oils

Flavorfully Infused Oils

Our Infused Oils are packed with a specific blend of aromatics that adds mouth-watering flavor to any dish. Drizzle oil over cooked veggies, use as a base for marinades, add a splash to a bowl of noodles – the possibilities are endless.